Trying, Learning, & Improving as a Business Leader

Trying, Learning, & Improving as a Business Leader

Each episode focuses on ideas on business leadership that Dan Coughlin has taught and learned in over 4,000 Executive Coaching sessions. We will dive into topics on leadership, communication, teamwork, culture, branding, innovation, strategy, and much more.

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    Know Your Job & Do Your Job

    There are two types of jobs within a business: customer-level jobs and organizational-level jobs. They are equally important, but they are different. You have to know the job you are doing right now, and focus on doing it as well as you can.

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    What to do when multiple employees want a promotion at the same time

    Promotions and career paths should be discussed once a year between a manager and an employee. However, when an employee or a group of employees ask 4-6 times a year for a promotion than you have deeper issues that you need to recognize and address.

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    The Master Skills of Planning and Execution

    Planning is deciding and writing down what you intend to do that fits with your desired outcomes and your stated organizational values.

    Execution is actually doing what you intended to do and how you intended to do it.

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    Reinforcing Your Desired Culture

    This episode defines values and culture, and then explains how to strengthen your organization's desired culture for long-term success.

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    Personal Daily Freedom

    We all have two choices every day: First, what to do, and, second, how to do it.

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    The Parameters of Appropriateness

    Be effective in influencing other people while staying within the appropriate topic, timing, wording, and tone.

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